Support La Rinconada Today

Partner with us today to achieve 100% sanitation coverage in La Rinconada. With new latrines comes improved health -- fewer missed days of school and work -- and more productive lives.

In 2016 we achieved incredible things with our partner communities with your support and we thank you. Together, we partnered with communities to ensure clean water access and improved sanitation for 7,684 people. Yet, one out of three people in rural areas lack access to improved sanitation with adequate latrines. This leads to diarrhea and other diseases, and leaves clean drinking water vulnerable to contamination.

Today, we ask you to partner with the community of La Rinconada to achieve 100% sanitation coverage. This community of 495 deserving residents has pledged 10% of the materials cost, and will do all the manual labor. 

  • $25 - fifteen bags of sand
  • $50 - seat & concrete slab
  • $150 - metal superstructure
  • $485 - 1 household double-pit latrine                                                                                                

We need to raise $23,658 to reach our goal.

Will you pitch in $25, $50, $150 – or a meaningful gift of any amount – to help achieve our goal of 103 latrines in this community? 

"Thank you for supporting our latrine project. The lives of my family and many others will be changed forever." - Santos   

Successful household double-pit latrine project photos